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The Modern Day Polymath

This article “The Modern Day Polymath is a guest post and is originally written by someone who wants to stay anonymous.   Polymath – someone who knows a lot about many different things (Merriam-Webster) Also known as Renaissance Man, homo universalis. The Renaissance Man – Leonardo Da Vinci Every time I hear the word ‘Renaissance’ I think about one of… Read more →

Android – Through the past [PART II]

We are back with the further list of Android versions. Below are the details:   Froyo: Android 2.2-2.2.3 Release Date: May 20, 2010 Features 2.2: 1. Speed, memory, and performance optimization 2. Improved application launcher 3. USB tethering and WiFi Hotspot function 4. Option to disable data access over mobile network 5. Quick switch between multiple keyboard languages 6. Ability… Read more →