The Universe did not create us!

Biocentrism is basically a theory proposed by a renowned scientist, Robert Lanza. It explains how life creates the universe rather than the other way around.

Robert Lanza

Every now and then, a radical idea shakes the foundations of existence. People changed the way they perceived themselves and their relationships with the world upon the discovery that world is not flat. For most humans of the 15th century, the notion of Earth as a sphere was nonsense. In this new idea, life is not just an accidental byproduct of the laws of physics.

Biocentrism shatters the previous ideas of life, time and space, and even death. Biocentrism is built around Quantum Physics. In the study of the universe physics is important, and chemistry in the study of life. Lanza claims that scientists will need to place biology before the other sciences to produce a theory of everything a theory of the universe.

Understanding this simple yet revolutionary idea provides us with new ways to answer some of the major riddles of science. Biocentrism also offers a new way of understanding everything from the micro world to the macro world that shapes the entire universe.

In 2010, Robert Lanza and Bob Berman, an astronaut by profession published their first book titled “Biocentrism“, it suggests the possibility of life being immortal.

Recently, Robert Lanza and Bob Berman have been continuing their research while working on their second book on biocentrism, “Beyond Biocentrism“. 

The universe consists almost entirely of dark matter and dark energy. But the scientists are not entirely sure what dark matter or dark energy is. With this in mind, science is increasingly pointing towards an infinite universe. 

Biocentrism gives the idea of equality in different life species.

Six principles form the core of the biocentric universe.


  1. Whatever we observe is dependent on the observer, and we perceive as reality is a process that involves our consciousness.
  2. Our external and internal perceptions are intertwined.
  3. The behavior of particles is inextricably linked to the presence of an observer.
  4. Consciousness must exist and without it, matter dwells in an undetermined state of probability. 
  5. It points to the structure of the universe itself, and that the laws, forces and constants of the universe appear to be fine-tuned for life.
  6. Space and time are not objects or things, but rather tools of our animal understanding.

Could the Sought-after theory of life be merely missing a component that was too close for us to have noticed?  Some of the thrill that came with the finding that the human genome had been mapped. Or the idea that we are close to understanding the Big Bang Theory rests in our desires for completeness and totality.  But most of these theories fail to take into account one important factor: We are creating them. It is the biological creature that creates the stories, makes the observations, and names things. And in it lies the great expansion of our thoughts, that science has not faced the one thing that is most familiar but equally mysterious — consciousness.

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