It’s All in the Mind!

How many times have you had déjà vu? Or how many times have you crossed that door and forgot why you crossed it in the first place? Or how many times have you found yourself out of words while your mind is flooding with ideas and thoughts? Have you ever wondered why this happens. This is your mind playing games. Your mind is a one giant memory card with probably a million TBs.

The subconscious mind is illogical. If you say it is day, it is day; if you say it is night, it is night. It doesn’t reason if it is dark outside or not. If you are saying you cannot do it, you are actually signalling your brain to erase all the skills of that particular task because you actually don’t know it. If you are participating in a race for instance, there are two possibilities. You either win the race or you lose. If you constantly feed your brain with the thought of winning and also visualise your victory(don’t forget about practising-it’s the most important), you actually win it. But if you’re irresolute about it, you’ll not only end up losing the race and lowering your confidence but also may bruise yourself.

All those motivational speeches and sessions are successful only because they have known the secret to become victorious. They just feed positivity inside you, make you think that you can accomplish everything you lay your hands upon and an attitude of never giving up. You could do the same thing to yourself without burning a hole in your pockets if you had known this.

Now that you know the secret, you can apply it to all the sectors of your life and feel it change drastically. Knowing that even your mind doesn’t doubt you, you’ve got one less reason to doubt yourself. Get up and go for the task you’ve been hesitant about.
Just think and make it happen.

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