Let’s Learn Python

When you hear ‘python’, what comes to your mind? The big, bulky, non-venomous snake which kills its prey by constriction and asphyxiation. But hey, do you know that python is also a name for a programming language which can easily be learnt and is very user-friendly. People who are new to the coding world can also learn this language easily.… Read more →

It’s All in the Mind!

How many times have you had déjà vu? Or how many times have you crossed that door and forgot why you crossed it in the first place? Or how many times have you found yourself out of words while your mind is flooding with ideas and thoughts? Have you ever wondered why this happens. This is your mind playing games.… Read more →


The title seems weird; the first thought that would have popped up in your brain, isn’t it? Well, ‘shabdsangrah’ is the Hindi word for dictionary. Being the citizens of India, we aren’t really proud of our traditions or culture, leave alone the languages, or are we? As the generations are modernizing, the western culture is sneaking in. The western culture… Read more →

The Modern Day Polymath

This article “The Modern Day Polymath is a guest post and is originally written by someone who wants to stay anonymous.   Polymath – someone who knows a lot about many different things (Merriam-Webster) Also known as Renaissance Man, homo universalis. The Renaissance Man – Leonardo Da Vinci Every time I hear the word ‘Renaissance’ I think about one of… Read more →